Tim Cook: my first-person impression of Apple’s new CEO

他的这种稍微理性,内敛的风格,如何注入激情到团队呢?Tim Cook: my first-person impression of Apple’s new CEOby,tuaw.com
August 25th 2011 6:00 AM
After yesterday’s news, I was originally going to title this post"Relax. Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook is gonna do just fine."
I was going to push back on the conventional wisdom that nobody can lead Apple as Steve Jobs has with facts about how Tim Cook has stepped into help Apple navigate the roughest economy in at least a generation with stunning success. I was going to write about how Tim Cook is considered by many to be an operational genius and a fair but tough negotiator. I was going to write how he came from Compaq and IBM before that.
I was going to write about all that. But you cananywhere. Everyone is writing about him now. So instead I’m going to tell you about the first time I met Tim Cook and why, from that day forward, I have never once worried about Apple post-Steve Jobs.
I was in my third year of a five year stint with Apple the first time I met Tim Cook. Steve Jobs had made waves earlier that year with his, where he discussed his cancer diagnosis; Wall Street and the tech industry were still worried sick about who could possibly lead Apple when Jobs no longer could. I knew one thing for sure: it wasn’t me. In the grand scheme of things at Apple, I was nobody important. I was just a sales guy that had flown out to Cupertino with other sales people one September for the annual sales conference. And though my numbers were great, I knew that I was replaceable — just like most employees at large companies can be replaced. I could leave Apple tomorrow and the company would be just fine. I was no Steve Jobs.
No matter what your position is in the company, however, from intern to executive staff, it’s always great being on Apple’s campus. You see cool things, meet interesting people, and have some great food (and a few good games of volleyball) to boot. But on this particular day we were herded into one of the meeting rooms you sometimes see when Apple holds smaller press events on the campus — the auditoriums with the projector screen the size of one you’d see in a 1950s movie theater and a stage with a small podium with some metallic stools near the front.
On this day there were about 300 sales guys and their managers in one such auditorium watching presentations from the iLife project managers about what the latest iteration of Apple’s digital lifestyle suite was going to deliver. Though the presentations were interesting, you could see everyone in the room fidgeting a little as if they were restless. You see, we had been notified that Steve Jobs’ #2 man, COO Tim Cook, might be dropping by for a visit.
The day went on as we explored the new iLife suite; then, sometime halfway through the iDVD presentation, a woman who worked for Apple who I had never seen before entered the auditorium and simply announced, "Excuse me. Three minutes!"
There was a shuffling
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